Welcome to my personal blog! here I share the story about my own conservation/sustainability journey, and how little by little I turn my ideas into actions…

My passion for conservation and sustainability started a very long time ago,  (maybe when I was 4) but I consider “Live the forest” or “Vivamos el Bosque” the beginning of my profesional journey. In 2012, I created my own project to reach out to people and involve them in the conservation of the Otonga Cloud Forest and other ecosystems in Ecuador.

The aim of the project is to inspire children, and build capacities of youth to have better opportunities, to lead and be an influence in the conservation and sustainability of their land. It started as part of the “Engage in Conservation” project coached by The Do School (D&F Academy) and The Jane Goodall Institute and since then it is continuously  growing and evolving in its approach.

Get inspired! join us…



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