About Carolina Proaño-Castro

caro bug 1

I am a biologist (BSc) and a sustainability professional (GradCert) with over 12 years of experience in biodiversity conservation (MPhil), climate change, sustainable development (MA) and scientific research. I am creative, innovative and action-oriented. What moves me is the opportunity to turn sustainability, biodiversity and ecosystem services knowledge into practical actions that are evidence-based and tailored to local contexts.

I have been actively involved in conservation of biodiversity since the year 2004 and in sustainability and development since the year 2009. I have experienced and lived it on very different scales.  I have assembled considerable experience from volunteering, scientific research, livelihoods and community development, behavioural change sciences, environmental education, social entrepreneurship, corporate responsibility, governance and policy-making.

My greatest strengths lie in understanding and bridging the gaps between science, policy, and practice. I have an innate ability for conveying complex technical concepts to broad audiences, I enjoy developing and implementing effective project-based strategic plans, and I am passionate about building consensus among a diverse range of stakeholders in multicultural and multisectoral settings. I have strong qualitative and quantitative analysis knowledge, excellent communication and facilitation skills as well as proven ability and certified experience in project management, governance, inter-culturality, gender, facilitation (participatory approaches), leadership, management and climate change diplomacy.

Overall, I believe I can claim to have a holistic, inclusive and current understanding of what sustainable development and biodiversity conservation are both in theory and practice, as well as where future developments may lead. In my future career, I envision sustainable development solutions that respond to global standards, are aligned to national priorities, consider climate change at its core and that are well articulated with other sectors and disciplines. My dream is to see that the whole impact of our actions is more than the sum of parts.


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