Let’s re-build Ecuador

Dear Friends

By now, many of you might be aware that the coast of Ecuador was deeply affected by a 7.8 Earthquake last Saturday. The situation at the moment is devastating, particularly in the rural areas. It breaks my heart to see the situation from far. Ecuadorians have the heart and strength to recover, I am sure of that! Everybody in the country is helping at the moment.

Ecuadorian Students in the UK in coordination with the Embassy of Ecuador are fundraising to support people in need. If you would like to collaborate please follow the link:

TO DONATE: http://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/sos-ecuador/

To share on TWITTER: http://goo.gl/LvOt4M use the hashtag #FuerzaEcuador

Sending money now is one option. Learning from the Earthquake in Nepal and Haiti, I know that the recovery process will be long and slow. Ecuador needs your support now and will need support in 6 months, a year and even later. If you want to contribute for the next phase of reconstructing lives and livelihoods in other ways please get in contact with me.

Let’s get creative! Ecuador will need to re build houses, public toilets, schools, roads. People will need medical attention, pets will need shelter etc. There is room for everybody to help. Help me think and let’s plan together how we can help each other to re-build beautiful Ecuador!

With love,




#FuerzaEcuador #EcuadorResiliente  #actuemosecuador

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